"We know why your decisions suck."

Not a very professional first impression? Perhaps. But we are in a time of uncertainty and disquiet. Business and agency leaders understand that their metrics and tools are failing them. Management itself seems like a failed endeavor.

Designing an organizational knowledge strategy -  based on what is real  - is the first step towards making better decisions.

Knowledge Consulting Services - If you want to establish a "Knowledge Management" capability in your enterprise, or just understand what that means, we can help educate and partner for your journey, or anything in between. 

Digital Literacy Workshop (under development) - How to accelerate your workforce towards 'working out loud,' collaborating online, and other behaviors expected in the modern workplace. If you put the technology before the strategy, a common misstep, this workshop will help increase adoption and acceptance for the technology investment.




In what ways are things different after we help work through your challenges?

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We have some interesting global partnerships - if we can't help you directly, well, we know people.

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