Understanding Decisions

We are in a time of uncertainty and disquiet. Business and agency leaders understand that their metrics and tools are failing them. Management itself seems like a failed endeavor.

Designing an organizational knowledge strategy -  based on what is real  - is the first step towards making better decisions.

Knowledge Strategy Workshop - System Knowledge Management addresses collaboration, expertise management, organizational learning and social networks - knowledge as a flow and a stock. This workshop presents an holistic approach to knowledge management, and includes the critical elements in designing a knowledge strategy; to increase situational awareness, improve decisions, and spark innovation.

Knowledge Consulting Services - If you want to establish a "Knowledge Management" capability in your enterprise, or just understand what that means, we can help educate and partner for your journey, or anything in between. 

Digital Literacy Workshop (under development) - How to accelerate your workforce towards 'working out loud,' collaborating online, and other behaviors expected in the modern workplace. If you put the technology before the strategy, a common misstep, this workshop will help increase adoption and acceptance for the technology investment.


Our definition for Knowledge Management - they are legion, and this one is ours:

"Knowledge Management refers to an intentional focus on the components and enabling of relationships from which organizational knowledge emerges.

It is used within enterprises to enhance decision making, spark innovation, and enable the comprehension of weak signals in the information environment.  

Knowledge management does not focus on managing knowledge itself; rather, it seeks the positive interaction of component elements that can be managed to lay the foundation for better decision making, innovation, and adaptation."




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