Hello world!

Not sure how this will turn out - I may keep it as a diary only.  I need a way to retrieve ideas I learn from online content, conferences, and the inevitable eurekas that occur during a long shower.  Shower blogging is going to be all the rage, and you (I) heard it here first. Snowden is live-blogging from a KM conference in Boston, and likely has given me words for today's chat with the CFO.

"...A recent exercise (survey technique) showed that there is no correlation between KM and financial performance, but they did find a relationship between KM practices and better performance of strategy, which in turn impacts on financial performance. In order to make it happen (he argues) you have to find very specific leverage points..."


"Basic proposition: Knowledge strategy is not KM but creates a strategic argument for KM. This means looking at three things: what we must know, what we know and what our competitors know."

I concur with one of his commenters that the next part of that presentation sounded too much like systems thinking to me.  I'm in a company that is simultaneously taking on ISO 9001, FISMA, Records Management, and is flirting seriously with Lean Six Sigma.  We have been a heavily "processed" firm for over 13 years, and are currently CMMI-3; but that has always been a focus on software development and project management.  To expand beyond this is going to test my gag reflex, but I have secured a copy of "Lean Six Sigma for Professional Services" so at least I can argue my case against a rising tide.

Side note in this ramble:  The first page of George's tome had a quote that went something like "50% of your activities add no value in your customer's eyes."  I'm certain that is true, which is why I don't usually ask my customer how I should go about creating value for them.  I sell them on the value proposition, and deliver results.  If it takes a glass of wine for a colleague and I to hit on an innovative strategy or compare notes after a knowledge audit session - I expect the customer would question the wine portion of that off-the-clock "work."  (And they would not be expensed for that...)  I expect George will now set about eliminating all this excessive collaboration and messy chit-chat so the customer can see the ROI in each step as we deliver our lock-step, repeatable, professional services.  At some point, I'll get to page two, but it will take some wine.

Interesting Fall ahead.