I've been asked to mentor someone in KM

This proves a timely request, as I face termination from my day job due to an inability to convince the Decider that the CKO position is still required and worth the investment. Surrounded by C2 management and fiscal leadership, and subordinated to a CIO who is truly a systems manager rather than an information officer - I am walking away from a company that has been essentially acquired through new leadership. Meanwhile, I find myself associated with a fascinating public sector project where I am trying to introduce the priniples of complexity and systems science to former SES and uniformed types.

So taking on two challenges where I am trying to succeed as change agent, I am living the quote from the Prince, to the effect that change is resisted by most and half-heartedly embraced by those who are not yet convinced it will succeed.

A return to first principles, then. I'll here capture what I am learning about each topic, and re-purpose that for mentoring, refreshment, reference, and general archival. Too much is trapped and being lost from my head - I will see if I can use the blog as personal notepad.

3rd time's a charm.