So What Is Knowledge Management, Anyway

As part of this reform legislation, I've been asked to provide a definition for KM.  I've managed to avoid this for, oh, 11 years.  But no longer.  There are at least 47 definitions of KM, as compiled by one blogger.  Many good, many not.  I can't choose one, I need to craft one that I can live with, even if my name will not be associated directly with it. So here it is.

Knowledge Management refers to the management of the components and enabling of relationships from which knowledge emerges: used to enhance decision making, spark innovation, and comprehend weak signals in the information environment.  Knowledge management does not focus on managing knowledge itself; rather, it seeks the positive interaction of the component elements that can be managed to lay the foundation for better decision making, innovation, and adaptation.

Ok, not pithy, but then again - not everything can be reduced to an elevator speech.  Let's see if this one makes sense to the lawyers.