What trend will affect KM over next three years - APQC

You will see a few of these posts over the next few days from KM people who are active on Twitter.  APQC asked several of us to cite the trend or development that would most influence KM over the next three years.  We were limited to 75-100 words, thankfully.  Here is my reply.

"Augmented cognition, which I consider part of augmented humanity, will accelerate as a trend affecting the KM profession over the next three years. The reliance upon reasoning engines will become mainstream in many industries, and increased cognitive offloading - which Andy Clark argues began with the wristwatch - will continue to change how we incorporate technology into our decisions.

It will never replace the role of emotions in decision-making, and never achieve human consciousness; but machine learning and computational linguistics will advance our ability to make sense of the cacophonous streams of information that have become our aquarium water."